“Hi Fab — Our company picnic was a success and your band was a big part of it. Everyone enjoyed the steel drums and I want to personally thank you for getting there early and starting on time...very professional. Thanks again.”
by Eric R. Lone Pine Records


This music is described as Tropical Rock with an emphasis on steel drum…excellent musicianship…these guys are really tight. If you like Caribbean type music, you’ll love this. It’s very authentic sounding. I’ve been to the Bahamas a couple times and couldn’t tell the difference. The interesting thing is that these guys are based out of LA, so it’s kind of cool to have such an authentic Caribbean vibe and you’re in California. Cool music, I like it. You can check them out at Trinidadio.com. My favorite off the CD is Cafe Latina.

Shane Boone, ExposedRadio.com – Podcast #18

Upbeat Café and Music Venue – Podcast

Trinidadio comes out of a small community that is the steel drum music scene in southern California. But there’s nothing small about their music, its message and the quality and experience that is Trinidadio. Their music truly is a smooth, cool, refreshing island fruit drink – the kind that makes our mouth water before you even taste it. And when you’re done – you want another. Like those well-mixed beverages, Trinidadio’s music has a delicate mixture of ingredients that you might not otherwise put together – Reggae and Punk for example – but what is served up is delicious.

UR18 – Trinidadio – Rise
November 30th, 2006

Trinidadio – No Lifeguard On Duty

Trinidadio is a collection of LA-based musicians that combine their forces to write some compelling songs that they dub “tropical rock”. Well it sure does whisk me off to far off beaches in Hawaii and the Caribbean. There’s plenty of amazing percussion to gush over and I’m a sucker for steel drum. They say it’s an acquired taste-sorry they’re dead wrong. Once you hear it you’ll be hooked no matter what; there’s no learning curve to greatness.

J-Sin, Smother Magazine / Smother.net – Editors Pick

Trinidadio’s NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY Exudes Parrothead Vibe

Kick back in the hammock, grab a margarita, and enjoy the rhythmic vibes of Trinidadio’s latest musical experience, No Lifeguard on Duty. From the opening stack of parrots, looped with steel bases this eclectic album encompasses both musical talent and vibey tones. Not unlike the tropical paradise this album leads you into, No Lifeguard On Duty relieves you of the mundane and takes you to the comforts of tropical living. Illusions of sandy beaches and a big yellow sun melting into an orange sea nearly overwhelm the soul as track one floods into track 12 without ever giving you a reason to reach for the sun block. Effortlessly, song after song develops into something grander, something worry-free, something that has everything to do with a mindset and next to nothing with notes on a staff and words on paper.

The meandering vocals on the vibrant, “Rise,” will encourage you to take a lazy stroll over to the “Café Latina.” But it’s not all ‘Hey mon,’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy.’ “All For Love” reveals the deeper, more emotional side of Trinidadio, and provides the perfect intro for “Reach,” which keeps the emotions rolling into the final two tracks. Perfect to finale form, the album’s closer, “Why Can’t We Be Friends” begs you audience to roll down the top and set the album on repeat.

The vocals and instrumentals on No lifeguard on duty mesh seamlessly, offering a bit of throw back and futurist art alike for the tides to come. The steel drums ring of familiar, tropical, Jimmy Buffet-esque flavor while offering something new for the parrothead in us all. Trinidadio paints pictures of palm trees and green seas rolling over white sand filled shores. From the upbeat danceable tunes to the kick-back-and-take-it-all-in attitude that personify this work, Trinidadio is undoubtedly set to take center stage; or the stage directly behind the swaying palms. Kick off your flip-flops and let the music guide you home. Setting sail with Captain Morgan has never been more fun.

Written by Scott Hill…www.Buddyhollywood.com
Monday, 31 July 2006